lorbeerkranz10years years of the Wadden Sea Forum
(2002 - 2012)

At the WSF 21 plenary meeting on 13-14 November 2012 in Leck, D, the WSF celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Wadden Sea Forum was founded at the 9th Trilateral Governmental Conference for the protection of the Wadden Sea in Esbjerg, DK, in 2001 and had its first plenary meeting on 30 August 2002 in Leeuwarden, NL.

speechNov2012Ingbert Liebing, (2nd from right), member of the German Federal Parliament and WSF foundation member of 2002, held a speech, highlighting the work and achievements of the Wadden Sea Forum. He struck an arc from the achievements of the Trilateral Cooperation for the protection of the Wadden Sea to the involvement of stakeholders with the implementation of the WSF in 2002. He emphasised the results of the first phase, which ended up with the report "Breaking the Ice". The application of the strategies and recommendations would to some extent still be valid. Finally, he underlined further achievements like the work on the sustainability indicator tool, the implementation of the planning portal and the work on goose management, but also the implementation of the workshops on ICZM and energy. Mr. Liebing recommended continuing the work and engagement of the WSF, as the Forum would have its place and role in policies and management more than ever.

Foundation statement from the Ministerial Declaration, Esbjerg, DK, Oct.31, 2001:
"They [The Minister of Environment and Energy, Denmark, the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany and the State Secretary of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries, The Netherlands]...convene, therefore, in accordance with the Terms of Reference in Annex 6, a Trilateral Wadden Sea Forum, as a consultation project, with the participation of the governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, with the task of developing proposals for sustainable development scenarios and strategies for their implementation, respecting the existing protection levels and ensuring economic development and quality of life. This will be done on the basis of the Shared Vision, the Wadden Sea Plan Targets and the Shared Principles, and as a contribution to the further development of the Wadden Sea Plan...."


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