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WSF Plenary Meeting Documents


7th Meeting, Hamburg, 26 September 2005
Final Draft Minutes
Action Plan.pdf

6th Meeting, Leeuwarden, 10 February 2005
Final Draft Minutes
Speech Ed Nijpels, WSF chairman
Speech Minister Cees Veerman
WSF Final Report (41pp, English, 3,2 MB)
WSF Final Report Summary (15pp, English, 2 MB)
WSF Eindrapport Samenvatting (15pp, Nederlands, 2 MB)

5th Meeting, Stade, 16-17 September 2004
Final Draft Minutes

4th Meeting, Esbjerg, 15-16 April 2004
Final Draft Minutes
WSF 4-5.1 Report TGs
WSF 4-5.2 Report TG PM
WSF 4-6.1 Off-shore wind parks
WSF 4-7.1 Sustainability Matrix

3rd Meeting, Oldenburg, 30-31 October 2003
Final Draft Minutes
WSF 3-3-3 WEG Statement
WSF 3-4.1 Topical Issues
WSF 3-5.1 TG Reports
WSF 3-6.1 Generic Scenarios

WSF 3 Coastal Protection and Sea Level Rise (CPSL)
Results and outlook trilateral expert group CPSL
Presentation by Dr. Jacobus Hofstede, Schleswig-Holstein State Ministry of the Interior

WSF 3 Socio-economic study and assessment
Inventory and Evaluation of Socio-Economic and Socio-Cultural Data in the Wadden Sea region,
Preliminary Results of an overall summary of three national studies, Presentation by Prognos AG, Dr. Olaf Arndt

WSF 3 Sustainability presentation
Sustainable development strategy for the Wadden Sea region
Presentation by Arne Rönnest & Christian Ohm, COWI, Denmark

2nd Meeting, Tønder, 24-25 April 2003
Final Draft Minutes
WSF 2-4a-1 Draft Terms of Reference TGs

1st Meeting, Leeuwarden, 30 August 2002
Final Draft Minutes
WSF 1-3.1 Draft Rules of Procedures
WSF 1-5.1 Tasks Forum
WSF 1-6.1 Thematic Working Groups and External Studies


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