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WSF-15 Meeting, Aurich, 24-25 November 2009
Final Draft Minutes
WSF 15 Presentations:
"Port Concept Lower Elbe - Hafenkonzept Unterelbe"
by Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH, Glückstadt Port GmbH & Co. KG, Mr. Frank Schnabel and Hamburg Port Authority, Mr. Ingo Fehrs
"Eemshaven: one big building area!"
by Groningen Seaports, Mr. Harm Post

WSF-14 Meeting, Provincie Fryslân, Harlingen, NL, 16-17 June 2009
Final Draft Minutes
WSF 14 Presentations:
"Inventory and Analysis of Impacts of Power Plants in the Wadden Sea region"
by Ms. Karin Jahn of Bremer Energie Institut
"Wadden Sea World Heritage"
by Mr. Jens Enemark of CWSS
"KIMO International and Pollution from Containerships"
by Mr. John Mouat of KIMO Secretariat

WSF-13 Meeting, Fanø, 18-19 November 2008
Final Draft Minutes
WSF-13-8-1 TOR Study Energy
WSF-13-8-2 Inventory Wadden Sea
WSF-13-9-1 Presentation Henrik Lund (Marketing Wadden Sea Region)
WSF-13-10-1 Presentation EON Net
WSF-13-11-1 Spatial plan EEZ
WSF-13-13-1 Report Dutch advisory board
WSF-13-13-2 Report Danish advisory board

12th Meeting, Husum, D, 5-6 June 2008
Final Draft Minutes
WSF-12 Presentation on World Heritage Nomination
WSF-12-10-1 Advice NL

11th Meeting, Wilhelmshaven, D, 26-27 Nov 2007
Final Draft Minutes
WSF-11 EU Blue Paper maritime activities
WSF-11 COWI report
WSF-11 COWI Manual

10th Meeting, Groningen, NL, 29-30 May 2007
Final Draft Minutes
WSF-10-7-2 Questions German Parliament
WSF-10-7-3 Agriculture
WSF-10-7-4 Fisheries
WSF-10-7-5 Tourism
WSF-10-9-1 Green Paper

9th Meeting, Tønder, 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2006
Final Draft Minutes
WSF-9-3-2 Letter chairman
WSF-9-5-1 Draft Rules of Procedure
WSF-9-5-2 Amendments to Rules of Procedure
WSF-9-7-1 Progress WSF activities
WSF-9-7-2 ICZM
WSF-9-7-3 Sustainability indicators
WSF-9-7-4 Agriculture
WSF-9-8-1 EU Green Paper Maritime Policy

8th Meeting, Heide, 16 March 2006
Final Draft Minutes
WSF-8-6-1 Schiermonnikoog Declaration



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