Since March 2011 the Wadden Sea Forum is a non-profit society, led under the regulations of German tax rules and tax procedures and exclusively pursues direct, non-profit-making objectives in conformity with the Section "Tax-privileged objectives" §§ 51 ff of AO (German AbgabeOrdnung). The establishment of the society ensures a legal basis to administrate the Wadden Sea Forum. The new structure of the society Wadden Sea Forum e.V. encompasses several entities, which are General Assembly, the Executive Committee, the WSF plenary, working groups and the Secretariat. For the time being, the Executive Committee is represented by Mr. Preben Friis-Hauge (chair), Erich Hinrichs (vice chair) and Pieter van Kuppenveld. The managing director of the WSF society is Manfred Vollmer. Any natural or legal person or organization, who accepts the bylaws of the society, may become a member of the WSF society.

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Legally valid:

Wadden Sea Forum e.V., Gemeinnütziger Verein, Satzung
(11pp, German)

Wadden Sea Forum e.V., Non-Profit Society, Bylaws
(11pp, English)

Representatives and members in the WSF plenary and working groups are not necessarily members of the society.


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