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Indic Graph 2014The indicator set is a tool for the WSF to communicate the developments in sustainability with so-called indexes to the Forum members for discussing the developments, for politicians and decision-makers in the Wadden Sea regions and municipalities to know about the sustainability development trends. The tool will deliver annual information about the progress or regress of sustainability of the defined regions, including information about specific weaknesses and strengths.

With regard to contributing to a sustainable development in the Wadden Sea Region, the WSF has identified overall sustainability objectives as well as sector-specific strategies for achieving these objectives. Sustainability indicators were required to measure the actual status of sustainable development, as well as progress in achieving the objectives. The WSF has assessed data from 2003 till 2014 according to the sustainability of the Wadden Sea Region.

Indic Graph 2014
The tool is based on a multi-level system with different levels of details.
LEVEL 1 shows the overall temperature of sustainable development in the Wadden Sea Region via summing up the Level 2 measurements for the social, the economic and the ecological dimensions, respectively.
LEVEL 2 measures are based on a scoring system with regard to assessments of the indicator values in level 3. A positive, neutral or negative score is given for each of the 16 main objectives, i.e. whether the status or trend is positive, neutral or negative with respect to the given objective.
LEVEL 3 is two-folded; this level contains the primary data of all sub-indicators (the indicators of level two are an aggregation of sub-indicators of level 3). Furthermore, the data is assessed and attached with values due to the agreed objectives. These values feed in the scoring system of level two.
The results shown in the graph reflect the overall temperature of the development of the three sustainability dimensions ecology, economy and social situation in the Wadden Sea Region. Individual indicators, respectively sub-indicators like unemployment rate or industrial chemical in bird eggs could influence the shape of the graphs and a healthy economy must not necessarily have adverse impacts on ecology. To analyze the causes of the overall picture, the indicator tool has to be explored on the lower level.

Interested organizations are invited to discuss with us the further development of the trilateral indicator tool and to cooperate according improvements. Please contact the WSF secretariat.

The scale of the ordinate in the graph is based on the division of the total score by the number of available indicators in order to make it comparable.

Indicators 2014The indicator tool is maintained throughout the years and adapted to the changes within the national and regional statistics. In some cases, data for the selected indicators are provided with a delay of two years, which means, data provided in 2010 concerns the year 2008. In order to update the graphs, calculated data have to be used, but this is indicated and marked in level 3 of the indicator tool. The table shows the scoring results of 16 indicators in level 2.

Analysis and output of the Indicator Tool 2013


Please find below some examples of our Sustainability Indicator Tool with regard to demographic change:

1.) Population growth in a Wadden Sea Region compared with the relevant national average growth rate

Index formula: ("WS area population(t)"/("WS area population(t-1)-1) - ("national population(t)"/("national population(t-1)-1)


2.) Population growth 2002-2012 in % (Analysis by WADDENACADEMIE)



3.) Share of 65+ years old people in the total population in a Wadden Sea Region compared with the relevant national average share

Index formula: ("WS area population 65+"/"WS area population") - ("national population 65+"/"national population")


4.) Average annual percentage population growth between 2002-2013 in the Wadden area (LAU-2)

(Sources: Data at municipality level (NL, DE) and parish level (DK) - (Analysis by WADDENACADEMIE))



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