WSF Strategy  "Without Frontiers"

Wadden Sea Forum Report 2010
"Achievements in cross-border, cross-sector, communication and cooperation"


WSF Report Without FrontiersThe Wadden Sea Forum has succeeded in widening the sector and cross-sector dialogues across the boundaries of Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands. Due to the latest developments, the WSF has extended the area of cooperation by integration of the North Sea EEZs of Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands.

The WSF intends to put more value on and to further improve the “forum aspect” of its work, i.e. the mutual exchange of information, ideas and visions within the plenary and the working group meetings. Whenever possible and requested by all sectors involved, a platform for discussions and negotiations on conflict issues will be provided. The WSF will also strive to improve cooperation with the Wadden Sea Advisory boards and organizations such as KIMO and Euregio die Watten. Information exchange as well as advice in both directions will support common goals, which will become even more important with the development of a sustainable tourism strategy.

For a sustainable development of the WSR it will be necessary, besides a vertical cooperation to aim for horizontal cooperation. This will better integrate experts from all sectors as well as all responsible ministries and authorities.

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