Cultural Landscape and Heritage

IdagrodenMan along the Wadden Sea coast has significantly shaped its landscape. This landscape is part of the local identity and a valuable asset for its future. Even though landscape along the Wadden Sea coast looks strikingly uniform at first sight, it turns out to be highly diverse with much variation at a closer look. The better the insight, the bigger appears the variety of different landscapes with their own characteristics, differing traditions and regional cultures.

The Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation and the Wadden Sea Forum have agreed to continue with the implementation of the LancewadPlan (LWP) strategies, published in 2007. A first step was made at a workshop on cultural landscapes and heritage in May 2011 in Ribe, and an action plan was agreed on.


2012, 24-26 September,
Trilat. Workshop in Husum, D:
"Indicative mapping"

Summary and Presentations

2012, 18 January,
Trilateral Workshop in Amersfoort, NL:

Summary and Presentations

2011, 06 September,
Follow up Meeting in Hannover, D

Summary Record

2011, 11–12 May,
Trilat. Workshop in Ribe, DK:
"Our Common Wadden Sea Landscape and Cultural Heritage"
Workshop Results



Booklet "A World Class Cultural Landscape" downloadable versions at
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Background and results of LancewadPlan (



Cultural Landscape and Heritage in the Wadden Sea Region
LWP Brochure (EN)
LWP Brochure (DE)
LWP Brochure (NL)


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